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I am fully insured with PetPlan. Should any eventuality occur your home and your cat are covered

I have a clean, up to date police disclosure which you can request at anytime

To help keep your cat healthy and safe I am qualified in Feline First Aid Level 3





In my experience cats are far happier at home. Although some catteries are run fantastically your pet is still introduced to strange smells, noises and potentially other cats. All these factors can upset your cat causing emotional distress and sometimes even physical illness. By using The London Catsitter your cat will be able to stay in their home with little to no disruption to their daily routine

Keeping your cat at home and not at a cattery reduces your cats exposure to cat flu, diseases and parasites such as fleas and ticks

No more trying to persuade your cat into the travel carrier for a noisy, stressful car trip to the cattery or a friend’s house

Cats like routine and that’s exactly what they’ll get. The same cat sitter will visit your cat each day at a similar time and give them the special 1 to 1 attention they deserve

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Providing London With A

Professional & Reliable Cat Sitting Service

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As your home is more vulnerable while you are away we will adjust your curtains and alternate lights as required. I will remove post from view to make your home look occupied in your absence

I will also water your indoor plants and replace your wheelie bins after refuse collection


Travel Trauma

1 to 1

Home Security

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Water Plants

When you are going away, the last thing you should have to do, is spend the whole time worrying about how your cat is being cared for. The London Catsitter will provide everything you need to keep your mind at ease.


Whether you require single or multiple daily visits, administering medicine, grooming or providing stimulation and exercise in the form of play, I can cater for you and your pets every need.


You will return to a healthy, happy and relaxed cat.

Benefits of using The London Catsitter

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To guarantee peace of mind I will time stamp and send my GPS location during every visit


On every visit, you will receive a comprehensive updateincluding photos of your cats